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Questions about Happy Studio

  • What is Happy Studio?
    Happy Studio is a completely free platform created by McDonald’s in partnership with leading games designers and child development experts. It aims to empower kids to learn valuable skills through creative role-play. It’s full of fun and educational games, activities and experiences that encourage quality family time. New characters visit regularly, so there’s always something new to play and do.
  • Are my child's details being stored by McDonald's?
    Happy Studio play is totally anonymous. We don't ask for or store any of your child's details.
  • How are the games and activities on the app tested?
    All our games and activities are independently tested and rated by our experts. Our experts test games and activities with kids to make sure that as well as being fun, they encourage the development of useful skills.
  • How can I give my feedback on the app?
    We're grateful for all your feedback, which you can give us in the app store. If you're interested in helping us shape experiences in Happy Studio, why not join our Parent Panel? You can provide feedback and ratings on individual games.
  • Does McDonald's promote its food through the app?
    There is no food product advertising or promotion on the app. We're committed to creating a fun environment for your family that's focused on purposeful play. That's why we never promote McDonald's food products on Happy Studio.

Technical questions

  • What is Unity Player, and why do I need to download it?
    The Unity Player plugin lets you see 3D content in your browser. It’s the best way to experience Happy Studio and you need to download it to play games. It’s absolutely free, safe to use and autoupdates as required, so only one download is necessary.
  • Are there any extra charges for downloading the app?
    There will be no extra download charges if you are using Wi-Fi. But you may incur them if you’re using your own data. It’s best to download Happy Studio when you’re connected to Wi-Fi in order to avoid any additional costs.
  • How long does the app take to download?
    Depending on your device and connection, it should only take a few minutes.
  • How much space will Happy Studio take up on my device?
    The Happy Studio app is roughly 400 – 500MB of great games, activities and free interactive digital books.
  • Can I play Happy Studio when I'm not connected to the internet?
    You don't have to be connected to the internet to play Happy Studio. But you will need to download the app first to play.